We are currently upgrading our Leagues section with new features.
Check back soon and you will be able to create league and team pages for Free.
Features include:

  • Customize league and individual team pages with logos and header backgrounds
  • Create your own url (eg: dostuff.club/leaguename)
  • Set up teams with rosters and player profiles (photos and bios)
  • Also set up profiles for coaches and parents
  • Organize standings, statistics and schedules
  • Organize events for the entire league or team-only events
  • Unlimited photos and videos
  • News/announcements and message boards
  • Attendance tracking. Set up automatic email reminders for games, practices and events so players can reply easily on their mobiles, tablets or other devices. Players simply select yes/no/maybe and each team's players, coaches and parents (if applicable) can view who can attend.

    * Players do not need to join DoStuff.club to view league and team pages. They simply have to provide their team admin with their email address and when they receive the automatic emails for attendance tracking (where they select yes/no/maybe for games, practices and events) they can access all league and team info. If they want to interact with the site (comment on message boards, add photos, etc) they need to sign up to DoStuff.club for Free.

  • Easily integrate Twitter feeds on the league and team home pages
  • Add links to your league and team's social sites (Facebook, Instagram, G+) on your league and team pages
  • Set as a public or private league. If set to private only league members can view.
  • A 'Help' section is available that will answer all questions you may have

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