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Easily Create Your FREE, Customized, Mobile-Friendly League Or Team Site With DoStuff.club!

Your league, team or club can create a high quality website for Free with DoStuff.club that includes all the features you will ever need! Manage schedules, standings, stats, news announcements and rosters, and if you need help with admin duties you can assign other league and team members to be admins as well. Team members can upload unlimited photos and videos and can interact with each other through message boards and by commenting on the photos and videos they have uploaded.

Creating and managing sports sites on DoStuff.club is very easy. You do not need to know HTML, and the pages are designed so that they look great on all devices: mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops.

And, oh yeah, did we already mention that it's completely Free? And that your players don't even need to join DoStuff.club to view their team pages and reply to automatic reminders? Continue with our tour to see why else you should create your sports site on DoStuff.club!

Create free league team websites
Manage Your League Or Team With Schedules, Standings, Stats, Rosters, Events & More

We have made it very easy to organize your site. If you are creating a league, simply create Conferences and Divisions and then create teams. Add players, coaches and parents (if necessary) to each team's roster, and each team member can customize their profile with a main photo, a bio and personal photo and video galleries. Player stats will appear below their profiles as well. When adding rosters you can upload from Excel or CSV format to save time.

Admins can choose which stats are needed for their league, then they just have to select completed games from their calendar to add the stats and scores for the games. These results are available immediately to all site members.

When creating any listing (games, practices, events, meetings) admins can create a new 'location' (name and address) which is automatically saved. These locations can then be selected from a 'location' dropdown list for future listings so they won't have to be entered more than once. Google Maps is integrated for all listings so members can easily find all locations.

Create leagues with schedules standings stats rosters events
Players Do Not Have To Join DoStuff.club

To organize leagues and teams on DoStuff.club it is only necessary for an administrator to join the site, players do not need to join. Admins only need each players' email address and name. Players will receive emails that are sent automatically for attendance tracking. They simply select 'yes', 'no' or 'maybe' for games, practices and events so the team can see who is attending. From these emails they can click on a link that allows them to view their team and/or league pages.

If players have not signed up to DoStuff.club they cannot interact with their team pages. This includes posting to the message boards, adding photos and videos, commenting on photos and videos, editing their player profiles, etc. If players want a better experience with the league or team site they can sign up to DoStuff.club for Free at anytime.

Create free league team websites
Customize Your Site With Logos, Graphics And Your Own Domain

When you create your site with DoStuff.club you must choose a url that is unique to your league or team (example: dostuff.club/leaguename). You then have your own domain name that you can send out to your players and fans.

You can also add custom graphics to your pages that appear across the header of your site. If you are creating a league, not only your main league pages can have custom graphics, but each team can have their own custom graphics as well. You can also add league and team logos. If you do not want to add custom graphics and logos you can simply select a background colour for your header and choose the colour your league or team names appear over the background.

Create league team websites custom logos and design
Communication Is Key! Automatic Reminders, Attendance Tracking, News & Message Boards

DoStuff.club makes it easy for Leagues and Teams to keep track of who will be attending games, practices and events. Players receive automatic emails before games and practices where they simply select 'yes', 'no' or 'maybe' so the team can see who is attending on the Attendance page. The default times for when players receive email reminders for games can be changed by admins in Settings.

Members also receive email notifications when admins add postings to News and Announcements. Any league or team member can add posts to the Message Board, and comments can be made by all members to any of the Message Board postings. News and Announcements and the Message Board are both located on the Home page of your site. Admins can choose who can view the Message Board and News and Announcements (everyone, team only, league only).

Members can send private messages to each other as well and they can be viewed in the Mail section. From there players, coaches and parents can send messages directly to the admin as well.

Create league team websites attendance tracking
Unlimited Photos And Videos

You can upload unlimited photos to your site. Albums can be created in the Photos section, then you can upload photos to them along with captions. Members can comment on the photos.

You can also upload videos to your site. Simply upload YouTube or Vimeo videos, add a title and description to them, and they can be viewed and commented on by others.

Admin can choose who can view photos and videos (everyone, team only, league only).

Organize league team websites photos videos
Share Admin Duties

If you want some help with admin duties for your league or team you can assign any member to be an admin. This is probably a good idea if there are many teams in your league. Each team can have their own admin to add stats and the score to each game upon completion. You can assign members to be admins for either a specific team or to the entire league.

Create organize league team sites share admin duties
Social Media Integration

If your league or team has a Twitter account DoStuff.club makes it very simple to add your Twitter feed to your home page. Simply enter your Twitter handle on the home page under the calendar and your Twitter feed appears.

If your league or team has pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google + you can add them to your league and team pages. The icons for each one you add will appear on your headers so that anyone can click on them and visit that page.

Organize league team sites social media integration
Privacy: Public Or Private Sites, and Control Which Features Are Visible

You can choose whether you want your site to be public or private. For public leagues and teams, anyone can view them and they can be found in search results on the main DoStuff.club site. For private leagues and teams only those sites' members can view the pages.

Admins can also choose which features are visible to others. In the Privacy settings they can select 'everyone', 'league only' or 'team only' for the following features: team roster, coach/mgmt contact info, schedule, news/announcements, message board, events, photos, videos and stats.

Create organize team league sites set privacy
Parents And Coaches Can Join As Well

If your league or team has players who are children you can add the childrens' parents to the team rosters so that they will receive news and announcements and attendance tracking from admins, and they can also interact on the message boards and upload photos and videos. They can also represent their children by adding a photo to their player profile and writing up their bio if they would like.

Coaches can also be added to any team roster and they can include their phone numbers if they choose to make those available for the parents and players.

Create leagues teams for kids children
Search For Players

If you need players you can add a posting on the Looking For Players bulletin board on the main DoStuff.club site so that anyone looking for a league or team to join can see your posting. You must select the skill level you are looking for (all skill levels, beginner, intermediate, or expert) and choose if you are looking for men, women or both. Members can send you a private message and if you believe they would be a good fit for your league or team you can add them to your roster.

If players want leagues and teams to know that they are available to play for a specific activity they can add a posting to the Available Players bulletin board. They would also need to add their skill level and the location they want to play. League and team admins can send them a private message and if they believe they would be a good fit for their league or team they can add them to their league or team.

Find players for my sports league
Help Resources And Frequently Asked Questions

ActivtyNetwork.com has a comprehensive 'Help' section available that explains everything admins will need to know to organize leagues and teams on the site. It also details all league and team features so that if players, coaches or parents have any questions about league and team sites on DoStuff.club they can reference it any time. We have made everything as simple to use as possible but visiting the Help section will answer any questions you may have.

Keep in mind the 'Help' section on League and Team sites is different from the 'Help' section on the main DoStuff.club site, which can be found on the very bottom of all page on ActivtyNetwork.com.

If you still have some questions or suggestions to improve this site feel free to go to our Contact page, located at the very bottom of all pages, and send us a message to the appropriate Division of DoStuff.club. Enjoy the site and have fun!!

Create free league team websites

After joining and logging in, go to 'Leagues', select 'Start a New League' or 'Start a New Team', and you're ready to go!

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