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View and Upload Videos has a Videos section where you can upload videos from YouTube or Vimeo to share with either just your friends or to everyone. These can be videos of you and your friends doing fun, silly, cool stuff or they can be videos that you saw on YouTube or Vimeo uploaded by others that you wanted to share.

You can also view videos that members have posted and choose which type of videos you want to watch by selecting from our list of outdoor and indoor activities or by doing a search for specific keywords.

View and upload sports and funny videos at

Other features in the Videos section include:

  • When uploading a video you can add titles, descriptions, and choose whether you only want your friends to view your videos
  • You can edit or delete the videos you have uploaded at anytime by going to ‘My Videos’
  • You can also add videos that you really enjoy to your Favourites and watch them at anytime
  • Members can add comments to videos
  • Members can also 'like' videos, and each video will show how many 'likes' it has
  • Any public video can be shared to social media sites