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EDM will change your life

by Quintino • 3 years ago 0 likes

On his way to the top, Dutchman DJ Quintino has turned out an EDM centered spoof to the popular "Viagra" commercial, likening it to not going, ahem, soft.

This video comes with "a rise," just watch out for that sudden decrease or loss of vision and hearing.

Vote for Quintino: bit.ly/gohardvotehard

Chad Strider

by Clare12 • 4 years ago 0 likes

Funny video of the legendary walker!

Unbelievable wakesurfing on a skimboard

by vancouverkev • 4 years ago 0 likes

I haven't seen too many skimboarders wakesurfing, this is unreal.

Insane ping pong rally

by vancouverkev • 5 years ago 0 likes

This is just ridiculous, I need to pick up my skills.

Kiteboarding compilation - amazing moves

by vancouverkev • 5 years ago 0 likes

Saw this video on YouTube and had to post it, really need to get into this sport!

Surf Photog Workshop Hawaii - Underwater Housing

by vancouverkev • 5 years ago 1 like

Saw this on Vimeo by Tracey Tomtene, description is below. Amazing!!

In February 2013, I took a 4 day surf photog workshop in Hawaii with surf photography legend, Brian Bielmann and acclaimed adventure photographer, Michael Clark. We shot world class surfing all along the North Shore of Oahu. A portion of the workshop was to learn how to use underwater housing. The easiest way for Michael and Brian to instruct us was by using the swimming pool at Turtle Bay Resort, where our classes were held.

Brian's daughter, Tea, donned a mermaid tale so we could practice shooting her underwater. 2000 images were taken within just a couple hours - a result of not switching back to single shot mode from continuous!

I decided to take selects of these images and make them into a quasi stop motion vid tribute from that day..one of the most epic I've ever had!

Read about the full workshop on my blog here: http://traceytomtene.blogspot.ca/2013/06/stop-and-smell-oceanand-shoot-surfing.html

Brian Bielmann, Hayley Balsavage, Scott Belnap, Holly Carias, Marlon Carias, Bun Chan, Michael Clark, Dave Robinson, Ben Reed, Tracey Tomtene

Music :
Fresh Green Freedom - Xavier Rudd

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